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Faction Officer Rules/Expectations Empty Faction Officer Rules/Expectations

Post  Elf on Thu Nov 05, 2009 9:24 pm

We are working increasing guild members and improving guild member activity and participation, therefore we need active officers as well.

To be an officer, you must:
*Be an active player
*Be active in faction chat
*Be active with other guild members (help with quests, bosses, FBs, TTs, ect.) when you have the time.
*Recruit new members and keep track of their involvement with faction.
*Any inappropriate behavior or inactivity by any member must be reported to leader or director.
*Register in forums and check regularly in case a decision needs to be made.

Chain of Command
Leader: rosaredaa

Director: ElfSaki

Marshal: xxLory
Marshal: _FERRET_
Marshal: Dophaine

Executor: elderscrolls
Executor: Foxyalove
Executor: Arwy
Executor: MysticHawk
Executor: Cael_Cross
Executor: Cerylin
Executor: ElfHina
Executor: Laqueyna
Executor: Oblivon
Executor: Knot_N_Sync
Executor: mattwright
Executor: DarkTrowa

Note: Any members or officers may be promoted or demoted at any time. Promotions and demotions to/from Executor position will be discussed on and voted on by officers though forums.

Good leaders must first become good followers.

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