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Post  FOUR KING GOOD on Sat Jul 25, 2009 4:26 pm

Mmm its cold out here, how about a cheery fire, please bring me 10 lots of any type of wood.

Hey you know what would cheer this place up, something nice and golden, please bring me three things that are golden

Anyone fancy a drink, I hear that nectar is good to drink how about 10 of them?

I would very much like a new hat, I hear there are two herbs that might sound like a kind of hat, how about 5 of each?

Oh and while your at it a complete set of stone would be nice, though you can forget about the granite as I hear that’s too hard for my purposes.

You know some mementoes from my adventuring days would be good, I used to love dragon quests and I feel like some mystical things like 1 of each of meat, claw, blood and eye, any chance?

Ah I find that my bank needs more space, how about a set of materials for doing just that

I like butterflies, they are so pretty, could you please bring me a butterfly herb to see if they are as pretty?

We are a bit unprotected here from the Emements, so how about some more elements to make up for it? Hmm stones and fragments would be sufficient, only one of each will do.

Ohh and while you’r out some coal for the fire please, five lumps will do.

Winter is coming, we all need a warm coat, but I need 5 animal skins!

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