[IMPORTANT] Luna Faction (We) are now Faction Allies with Asgardian Faction

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[IMPORTANT] Luna Faction (We) are now Faction Allies with Asgardian Faction

Post  Luna on Fri Jul 03, 2009 12:21 pm

Just a short note, we are now allies with Asgardians Faction, HERE is their forum page, feel free to browse through. So, what exactly does this alliance do? Well, we're making allies to encourage people to socialize and make more friends, and also as faction allies, we are able to help one another to grow and also in tough situations, like helping a faction mate with a tough boss. Future faction events will most probably be planned between us and Asgardian faction. Though at the moment we really have no idea what is good for a faction(s) event, we'll continue brainstorming (hopefully) brilliant ideas, and of course if you have a brilliant idea of your own you're welcome to approach us. I know there isnt really much information about this faction alliance, but its because neither me nor the leader of Asgardian have finalized the rules/details about this alliance. We'll get it up ASAP, and yes, we are still going to be Luna Faction members, unless you leave of course. For now, can I kindly ask everyone to head over to the Alliance's shared forum page to register? Click HERE to be directed to the webpage. Note that administrators and moderators do retain their rights and position, even if we are, essentially, posting on an entirely new forum. Have fun in PW, I'll cya all around =)


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