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Post  Luna on Mon May 25, 2009 5:10 am

This post here is dedicated to Apocalypse Page Farming - something u will need to go through in order to get lvl 79 skills, like Wings of Protection (Cleric). So what exactly is an Apocalypse Page? It is a material used to make skillbooks. U will need 20 Apocalypse Pages for lvl 79 skills + 5 medium ink (105k each, bought from NPC) to actually make the book. In addition, u will need another 1 million SPIRIT to learn the skill. Where to get these Apocalypse Pages? Theyre farmable in fb89 (Eden OR Brimstone Pit) and purchaseable from players (Theyre going at 300k as of now). So.. assuming u dont have the money to buy the pages, heres a few things u can do:

1. Get a veno (unless ur one urself) of at least lvl 70
2. The veno MUST have a tank-pet (Magmite, Shaodu Cub, Armored Bear, Hercules)
3. Very simple skill all venos must learn, to be able to PULL
4. U are strongly discouraged to farm at Brimstone Pit (The Demon equivalent of fb89, which comes in the later part of spiritual culti 89) Why? U can try it, but dont regret it (U'll almost cry with frustration i think)
5. Eden/FB89 is solo-able with any veno with a herc of at least lvl 70
6. Note to venos, DO NOT use bramble with herc if u are pulling with it. It will cause alot of problems
7. The drop rates are not that realistic, ranging from a complete book (20 pages) to no pages at all, and sometimes u can get an entire skillbook. What's an entire skillbook? Basically Sage or Demon cultivation skills, which are mostly learned at lvl 89. The only difference is, a Book = 20 pages and 1 page = 1/20 of a Book LOL BUT BUT BUT u save alot of money by not having to buy the medium ink (5 X 105k = 525k)
8. Even if ur a veno who can solo the entire run, it is best to get a squad together as one run could take hours alone.

What kind of mobs will u face? Some physical mobs towards the back, and magic at the front. Eden mobs deal very high damages, so be careful. Brimstone mobs have more indirect but wicked skills, like lifedrain/manadrain. Happy hunting! =D

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Post  FOUR KING GOOD on Tue May 26, 2009 6:51 am

OMFG, perhaps I will abandon my Mule before that, lol.

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