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Post  FOUR KING GOOD on Wed Mar 18, 2009 3:38 am

For those who don't know team speak is a voice system designed so that game players can literally talk to each other using a headset (Microphone and headphones combined). This does away with the need for typing your messages and can be especially useful during combat.

All you would need to do is download the client onto your pc and get a headset or speakers and a microphone.

I am willing to get hold of the server and run the admin on it (there are free servers but they tend to not be as accessable so we can rent one at a minimal cost that I am willing to cover).

I would like to know who would use it?

Me and Silvarin currently have use of a friends system and we talk to each other most times we are online.

It can be used not only for playing but general chatting, faction discussions or meetings.

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